MABB transforms modern bioceramics into implantable medical devices.

Through our Innovation Center, we turn your ceramic implant systems design and manufacturing ideas into a high-quality, reliable and low cost reality. We can produce large amounts of precision parts at a very low per-unit cost using Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) technology.

The revolutionary CIM process will give you the possibility of producing parts similar in shape to those available in plastic, while at the same time taking advantage of the advanced nanoceramics resistance and inertness. Our technology, along with the raw materials we have incorporated, translate into a revolution in the way implantable medical devices of complex shapes are manufactured, which were very difficult or even impossible to produce until now due to their high hardness and fragility during the process.

Quality / MABB is ISO 9001 certified.

Thanks to our IRAM (Argentine Normalization and Certification Institute) certified Quality System, we can provide the highest repeatability, a lower rate of rejections, and a statistical control of proven processes, thus our clients are able to avoid the dimensional inspection upon delivery.

Through our proprietary system, together with strategic partnerships, we have transformed these products into medical products that reach the most varied international markets (FDA, CE, ANMAT [National Administration of Medicaments, Food and Medical Technology of Argentina], ANVISA [National Health Surveillance Agency of Brazil], among others).

Competitiveness / MABB’s human capital has specific and complementary knowledge.

Our engineers will help you determine whether the part you want is suitable for CIM, considering its cost and shape, and you will be offered alternative design options to get all the benefits this process can give you. CIM offers greater design freedom than many other production processes, and it significantly increases productivity by simplifying manufacturing and minimizing costs.

Thanks to CIM’s technical virtues, not only will you obtain greater stability and optimization in the manufacturing process, but also a higher-quality product, much more competitive in the market than ceramic components manufactured using traditional methods.

Technology / Injection molding Ceramics.

MABB integrates Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM), the latest technology for manufacturing ceramic parts.

This technology does not require the machining intermediate process, lowering production costs and decreasing waste materials, which contributes to protect the environment.

The old Dry Pressing ceramic parts manufacturing process is well-suited for high volume production, but is limited to simple shapes which, in many cases, must later go through machining in order to get the final shape with the desired tolerances and surface finish.

The CIM technology used by MABB can help produce parts with re-entrant angles, blind holes, internal and external threads, complex surface profiles, perpendicular holes, and intricate cavities in a single step and without intermediate processes.

Partnership / Strategic Alliances